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About miRNA Designer
miRNA Designer is a web tool developed by Dr. Guiliang Tang at Michigan Technological University in collaboration with Dr. Chingwen Li. It was targeted for developing an NSF Plant Genome Proposal as well as an NIH proposal for general human health. As a proof of concept, we constructed an miRDuBase (miRNA duplex database) that contains more than 40 biological species. A large data set from these species has been stored in the miRDuBase for computer modeling which leaded to a rational miRNA designing that does not simply mimic any specific miRNA structure. Pre-miRNA-like structures, as an output of this program, will be subjected to extensive in vitro process by using plant and Drosophila embryo extracts. The rules of those structures that have the highest efficiency in production of mature miRNAs will be used for optimizing the miRNA designer. Pre-liminary experimental results have proven that this strategy is highly efficient and the program output is reliable. The current version of miRNA Designer will allow fellow scientists to test by choosing mismatches between the guider and passenger strand of the miRNA duplex based on observed positional occurrence among a variety of species. Comments and testing results can be adressed Dr. Guiliang Tang at Michigan Technological University.