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miRNA End Energy Calculator
The miRNA End Energy calculator takes miRNA duplex to calculate free energy for 5 base pairs at one end plus a dangling nucleotide, if there is any. Following the tips below to enter the miRNA duplex:
  • Select calculation for 5' end, 3' end or both.
  • Enter each strand of the RNA sequence. Make sure two strands are in same length.
  • Use "-" to fill the sequence if there is a dangling nucleotide in the opposite strand.
  • Consecutive dangling nucleotides or mismatch pairs in the end are not allowed.
  • Example: 5(-uaucacagccagcuuugaggag)3 and 3(cguagugucggucgaaacuccu-)5; -7.06 and -10.84 kcal/mol.
Calculate energy for:  
Enter 5' to 3' strand: 5'  3'
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