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Dr. Guiliang Tang with any
questions or comments.
Micro RNA Informatics
Micro RNA Informatics offers a wide range of web tools for miRNA design, miRNA structural analysis, and database access. The miRNA Designer will allow scientists to obtain optimal design by choosing mismatches between the guider and passenger strand of the miRNA duplex based on observed positional occurrence. The statistical analyses of the microRNA duplex structures generate data of positional occurrence, positional mismatch and nuclotide distribution on guider strand for various categories and more than 40 biological species. The miRNA design and structural analysis tools are supported by the miRNA duplex database (miRDuBase). The miRDuBase contains the published pre-miRNA structures. The features of miRDubase are that it is renewable, easily linked to web tools to carry out statistical analysis of miRNA duplex structures, and provides rational parameters for designing miRNA-like structures to silence specific genes by helping the researchers to select mismatch, bulges, loop, and other key structures. Comments and testing results can be adressed to Dr. Guiliang Tang at Michigan Technological University.

  • The miRNA designer helps design an artificial micro RNA with concensus duplex features.
  • Search micro RNA information by a variety of methods.
  • If you like to have access to advanced features, please sign up here. The membership is free.